Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mabula Game Reserve

Well the long weekend has come and gone... and what a weekend it has been.

All started with My Coke Fest and ended with a relaxing weekend away with Lerika and friends to a private house in Mabula Game Reserve.

The house was amazing and the view was like something out a magazine.

We spent our days eating, drinking, lazing in the jacuzzi and game spotting (game spotting was done from the deck with a sporing scope hehehe)

And nights were spent eating, drinking, lazing in the jacuzzi and listening to Stew's GREAT jokes :P

All in all it was a great weekend.

Number 3 Naka Sanga

Only took photos in the morning so was a bit misty... as soon as i get some taken by other people i will upload them as well.

My Coke Fest 2008

Easter weekend is here and the weekend has started off with a huge bang, My coke Fest 2008 was AMAZING. There there were so many good international bands, too many to even start describing. Bands like 30 seconds to mars, KoRn, Muse, Good Charlete.... the list goes on and on.

Im off to a private game park today, its near mabula i think.. should be some great relaxing time with Lerika and friends.



Trip to the ZOO

A bunch of us woke up in the morning and thought it would be a nice day to visit the PTA ZOO, So we all jumped in the car and headed down there.

Was a great day out and we saw so many cool animals.

Wez shat himself in the cable car as he is not one for heights or for small spaces but we finally got him up there. We then proceeded to rip him off about it the whole day.

Sharks vs Bulls

Being the true supportes we were we headed off to the rugby despite the rain, The game was great and fun was had by all. (sharks won :D)

After the rugby we all walked from the stadium to the Square for a few beers.