Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Home Here I Come

Well its official... I get the keys to my new house tomorrow. Now all i have to worry about is moving all my stuff, which will be Fridays problem :) Really looking forward to moving though, because now to get to work all i have to do is walk 100m down the road and I'm knocking on my office door. In turn this means i now only have to get out of bed at about 8:45 to get to work by around 9:00 ish. Also no longer will i have to sit in the traffic in the morning. I will post some pics of the new place so you can all see.

In other news..... I will no longer be trekking down to durbz for the long weekend, as i found out today that Rhain will be out the country and that was my lift down. so will have to see if i can make another plan for another time.

Anyway Hope you all well...



reidsal said...

cool house dude from Josh and Zach

11 on Roberts said...

post more pics with furniture. also tye in new house.